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Hello LJ land!

So it appears that it has been almost two years since my last post... oops? I've been doing just fine. I'm about to start my final year in college, and I got a job offer out of my summer internship, so I'm officially not going to be unemployed when I graduate :) Also, midnightzstorm has successfully hooked me on Doctor Who. Darn that girl and her catchy TV shows.

How is everyone out there doing? Any amazing life-changing developments that I have missed in my two year absence? Or even just updates on how people are doing in general, life-changing events aside? I'd love to hear from everyone when you guys get a chance :)

Also, I'd like to wish _pinkchocolate a lovely happy birthday! And she has bullied me into posting a running fic I have been writing her on her birthday on LJ so that she can share it. Can't imagine why as it's a sad attempt at humor that is only potentially funny to two people. But in keeping with her birthday wishes, three chapters are under the cut.

Failed humor fic with far too many inside jokes below. You have been warned:

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Well, this is a pleasant surprise. My fic won runner up in a category at mugglenet fanfiction's Quicksilver Quills Awards. This was totally unexpected, but very pleasing. Thanks so much to _pinkchocolate for both nominating the fic and beta-ing it :) you're awesome! Here is the banner

In case you're curious, you can read the fic here:
Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Chapter 3

In other news, I've been avoiding work by making icons, so I should be posting some new ones soon.
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clearly i'm inconsistent

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone, but my life has been a bit crazy.

Bad news first. I did terrible on my first midterm :( Ok not really terrible, but terrible in comparison to what I expect from myself. I got exactly the average grade in the class on my first economics midterm, but considering economics is my major, I think I should shoot to do way better than average. Now I'm really really distressed, and even vaguely considering changing concentrations. At the very least, I might have to quit some extracurriculars so that I can work harder on my classes.

But on a totally and completely different note, I'm also getting some sort of book award for getting a really good GPA in my freshman year. So the deal is that I get to pick a book and they will inscribe it with my name and present it to me at this award ceremony. The problem is that I don't read any intellectual books, and I have a feeling that they will look at me REALLY funny if I say "inscribe my name on a harry potter book". Anyone got any suggestions for good intellectual-type books that I might want for such an award?
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busy busy busy...

Uh, I think I'm going to go crazy.

So I sort of signed up to do three jobs, take a full courseload, design for the paper and play a JV sport this semester. Considering my classes are ass hard and doing them without ANY extracurriculars is still virtually no free time, let's just say that I'm planning on getting very little sleep this semester. crap... oops?

I just got back to school on wednesday and my planner has some sort of important meeting/extra commitment on it for every day for the rest of the week. On a random side note, this weekend (before classes started today) I went downtown with some friends and we rode this like totally sweet bike...

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But yeah... sorry for lack of updates here and at ldws... I kind of have not been in touch with my fellow mods. I suspect that they're really really really busy too :( but I promise that stuff will be up soon, and I think it's unlikely that the new prompt will be due on friday since we have yet to post one.
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first icons ever!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
24: Harry Potter (mostly R/Hr)
39: Star Wars (all Padme/Anakin)
15: Veronica Mars (all LoVe)
9: Misc (HSM and BtVS, mostly from contests :)

woohoo! My first set of icons ever :) Thanks to midnightzstorm for teaching me how to make icons and use photoshop and helping me post these icons. Hope you guys like them! And please don't judge too harshly.

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I've joined two last icon maker standing communities...


And both are still taking sign ups! Please join if you make icons for those fandoms or join to vote if you like looking at icons for them :)

So in conclusion, join ashleyt_lims and spike_lims!

And in other news, my icon tied for first at hsmstillness yay!

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Only two more days before I leave for school :( That means I have to start packing, and I REALLY don't want to... I hate the whole process of moving my stuff out of storage and lugging giant suitcases around town, not to mention the stress of school. *sigh*
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interest collage

saw this on argosy 's lj and tried it. I had to add some interests to it since I haven't updated my profile in a while... But can someone tell me why disney channel got me cartoon porn no matter how many times I asked for a new pictures???? I had to get rid of it :(

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Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424
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crazy kids, winning and drabbles

This is going to be a ridiculously long post...

I went to the dentist this morning to have some cavities filled (I can't move the left side of my face... this makes talking, eating and smiling very difficult and rather comical :) and while I was in the waiting room, I read the cover article on this week's Newsweek about how kindergarteners and first graders today are being pushed harder than ever, and that elementary school now is significantly more advanced than it was 30 or even 10 years ago. My brother just started kindergarten at the beginning of August, and I think a lot of things about the article are true, but some of them aren't. I'll lj cut my opinions, because they might get a bit lengthy and boring.

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In other news, I placed in two contests with some of my first icons ever! banners under the cut :)

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And finally my reponse to the last week's challenge at ldws. Originally, I had planned to post a response to Challenge 4 too... but I'm kind of drawing a blank at the moment. So maybe later this week.

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And finally... a little side note. I've been watching the US Open all week. How come male tennis players are all so hot?

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So, I'm pretty much ready to leave my little writing hiatus for my last week or so of freedom, and now I don't have anything to write :( Real life hasn't gotten in the way of anything internety for a while for me because nothing is going on in my life. Absolutely nothing. Lately, I've been playing with photoshop and trying my hand at making icons. I'm going to post them all soon to show everyone, so in preparation for that, here is a resources post for the brushes, textures and gradients that I've been using.

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six random facts

I've been tagged by midnightzstorm to share 6 random facts about myself... so here goes

1. I once ate lunch at the table next to the lead singer of Sum 41 at a restaurant while in Texas. He wouldn't let us take pictures while he was eating... so I pretended to call someone on my cell phone and took pictures surreptitiously.

2. Candace (midnightzstorm) is my real life best friend :D

3. I started writing fanfiction when I was 12... and I dabbled in highly embarassing fandoms such as backstreet boys and animorphs. Thankfully all those fics have been deleted from everywhere I know of.

4. I got stuck in the Atlanta airport for 14 hours on my way back from a volleyball tournament in Baltimore. They didn't give us hotels, vouchers or anything. We had to sleep in the terminal from midnight and got put on standby for the next day. We didn't get put on a flight home until 2 the next afternoon. I will never fly Delta again... EVER

5. I've gotten straight A's all my life except last semester, when I got a B+ in a writing class. I'm really much better at math :)

6. I have an aunt who owns a small apparel company, so I get free cute clothes a lot. It's fantastic :D

Well I'm supposed to tag six people, but I don't have that many lj friends, so I'll tag the only active friend I have that wasn't already tagged by Candace. Aaaaaaaaaaannie (_pinkchocolate) that means you
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